Sunday, 2 August 2015

Upgrading PRISM Central

With PRISM Central you manage all of your Nutanix clusters from a single pane of glass. It allows you to take care of your monitoring and alerting as you would do through each cluster's PRISM interface.  For those who haven't installed PRISM Central, Bas Raayman has some good instructions on his blog

PRISM Central's releases are linked to NOS and since the latest version is 4.1.4 so is PRISM Central.
Nutanix recommends to upgrade PRISM Central to the latest version and then match the NOS install on your clusters.

  • Log in to PRISM Central
  • Click on the gear icon and select upgrade Prism Central
  • Click the download button

  • Confirm the download when prompted
  • Once the download has completed click upgrade and upgrade now

  • Confirm that you want to upgrade
  • You can monitor progress while you wait

  • Once the upgrade is complete your progress monitor should look as follows

  • You are finished. You can confirm that you have latest version by selecting "About Nutanix" from the admin menu

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